Behind the tide / romain juchereau

19:00 - 20:10 / Kriterion K1


Indie filmmaker Romain Juchereau always goes his own way. His work celebrates independence and creativity, the stuff that gives surf culture its soul. After spending two years walking the road less travelled, he created the documentary Behind The Tide which shows a different perspective on surf culture, focusing on those working independently and outside of the mainstream. 

Filmed in south-west France, Cornwall and Australia, Behind The Tide provides an insight into creative individuals who have forged a living through their passion for surfing. From shapers to photographers and surfers, it documents how art and a love for riding waves transcends both geographical and cultural boundaries.

As quoted from an interview: 
“Essentially, my objective here was to shine a light on independent talent because everywhere we go our attention is drawn to mainstream commercialism. Therefore independent or breakthrough talent is often overshadowed. Mainstream commercialism will always have more force due to the difference in the media and marketing budgets, but through the increased emergence of independent films, music, books and the use of social media, local, independent and new talent has an increasingly louder voice. I think it’s a good time for surfing right now.”

Starring Neal Purchase Jr, Dane Peterson, Thomas Bexon, Tom Wegener, James Parry, Joe Davies, Nathan Oldfield, Karl Mackie, Fred Branger, Mick Rodgers, James Otter and many more. 

Directed and produced by Romain Juchereau.

Running time: 66 minutes.