Nominated for '30 of the Best Must-Attend Global Festivals'

I Am Surf Film Festival has been nominated by international FlightNetwork as one of the top 30 Must-Attend Global Festivals. As filmmakers bring life, culture and art to our eyes, I Am Surf Film Festival was selected as a frontline where films, their point of views and people meet. Whatever happens in the farthest place of the surfing world, you can be sure to see it at I Am Surf Film Festival! 

Check out FightNetwork’s article ’30 of the Best Must-Attend Global Festivalshere.

Takuji at Pipe

Bunker77 director and ripping surfer Takuji Masuda was a Japanese National Surfing Champion in 2001. As his taste for big waves grew, he became well known at Pipeline for riding longboards and pulling into throaty tubes on the nose, sometimes hanging five or even ten. “I wanted to recite classic longboarding at Pipeline" says Takuji.  

Beyond celebrates the passion of discovery

Discovering Africa is diving into a magical arena of empty peaks and perfect peeling wave spots. Beyond explores the unique board-riding cultures found in Morocco, Mauritania, Gambia and Senegal. The filmmakers spent three months on the road filming and interviewing a host of fascinating characters to get an intimate look into their surfing lives. Highly recommended if you like dreaming about exotic places, adventure and stories from afar. 

#GoDeeper with Takuji Masuda

In Bunker77, director Takuji Masuda blends incredible unseen footage and new interviews with the likes of Tony Alva, Laird Hamilton and other greats to craft a documentary about Bunker’s life that searches for meaning in all its chaos.

“I learned about Bunker when I met Art Brewer in 1994” Takuji says. “There were bits in The Surfer’s Journal, and I was intrigued and wanted to know more. I needed a deeper dig to really see what it was all about." Find out more in this short interview with Takuji Masuda.