Farewell Baddy

Of all the sections in Albe Falzon’s beloved masterpiece film Morning Of The Earth, the passage that remains the people's favourite is the surfing of David 'Baddy' Treloar to the song Simple Ben. The imagery of Baddy during those five minutes is recalled whenever the talk about the film arises. See Baddy sanding a new board out in the yard, dust flying everywhere. Then as the song builds momentum watch him dart down the track, fresh stick under his arm, wearing cut-off jeans, heading out to the jump rock. The song reaches a crescendo as Baddy tears into Angourie, hard off the bottom, stylish off the top.

Baddy summed up the original Country Soul surfing life that he discovered when he migrated from Sydney to the rural coast of Angourie in the early 70’s. As the rest of the surfing world moved on to professionalism, careers, the boom of the surf brands, corporatisation – Baddy simply stayed put until his death from a heart attack on the beach at his beloved Angourie.

Video courtesy of Encyclopedia of Surfing.