The Big Wave Surfers of Nazaré

There's a massive underwater landform creating extreme surfing conditions and it’s huge, heavy and hollow. Japan's national broadcast station came to Nazare to make a documentary about big wave surfing. Featuring Andrew Cotton, big wave legend Garrett McNamara and Hugo Vau, the documentary gives a great insight into Nazare and its tight-knit crew of chargers. Sit back for some eye watering and extraordinary footage!

Video courtesy of Andrew Cotton.


In June 2018, surfers Arthur Bourbon and Damien Castera travelled to Africa to make a documentary film named ‘Múkùne’ about Liberia. They went there to witness the history of the first surfing community in a country once devastated by 15 years of civil war. Here’s a short film introducing their journey. A feature-length documentary is currently being edited and will be available in 2019. Stay tuned to I Am Surf for more info about their amazing story!

Múkùne courtesy of


Drew McPherson finds solitude on a beautifully crafted single fin. He’s got an eye for style, doesn't mind a kick stall and he can make his single fin sing. Drew reminds us why every surfer should have a single fin in their quiver. They teach you how to surf properly, using the rails and trim, tapping into energy zones on a wave that will have you kicking out thinking “What was that!”

Video courtesy of Needessentials.


Women’s big-wave surfing is getting its recognition thanks to filmmakers such as Sachi Cunningham. She’s super plugged into the women’s big-wave community and is filming for a forthcoming self-funded documentary called ‘SheChange’. Sachi is trying to raise additional funds to complete the project and give these female chargers their proper due by capturing their heroic feats from land, water and air. Please support independent filmmaking and donate what you can on the film’s website.

A Sense of Space

‘A Sense of Space’ gives a small insight into the world of Byron Bay native Torren Martyn and the diversity of wave-rich Australia. Riding for Morning of the Earth Surfboards, Torren and shaper Simon Jones have developed a highly productive and symbiotic relationship. Simon’s boards represent the best of both worlds: beautiful, functional surfboards that are a dream to ride. With the drawn out lines and stylish approach of Torren's wave-riding and Simon's knowledge, the pair have worked together on the creation of finely tuned performance twin fins that you’ll see Torren riding in the mesmerising ‘A Sense of Space’.

Video by Ishka Folkwell and SurfStitch.


“To any of the young girls out there or even to women getting into surfing at a later time in their life, surfing is such an empowering tool,” says Kassia Meador. “It’s something that’s so beautiful to gain your own personal energy and strength, to push yourself and own every aspect of yourself, and surfing helps give you the tools to navigate that and navigate life in different ways.”

Alternativa, starring Kassia Meador, Leah Dawson and Lola Mignot, documents three outstanding women on a trip to El Salvador, who are leading women’s surfing into the future through their own approach to surfing and life. 

Video courtesy of the Inertia.

New Age Let Down

New York filmmaker Tin Ojeda’s latest release ‘New Age Let Down’ is nothing short of exceptional. Created in conjunction with Daata Editions, a platform for new generation artists, the film is an upbeat montage of images in both colour and monochrome, displayed against an eclectic soundtrack of improvisational jazz, rock and dissonant noise. 

Daata Editions commissions artist video, sound, poetry and web. This new and innovative way to collect art is designed specifically to be a native platform to a new generation of artists who work with moving image and sound. Limited edition artworks of Tin Ojeda’s ‘New Age Let Down’ can acquired on the Daata Editions website.

Nominated for '30 of the Best Must-Attend Global Festivals'

I Am Surf Film Festival has been nominated by international FlightNetwork as one of the top 30 Must-Attend Global Festivals. As filmmakers bring life, culture and art to our eyes, I Am Surf Film Festival was selected as a frontline where films, their point of views and people meet. Whatever happens in the farthest place of the surfing world, you can be sure to see it at I Am Surf Film Festival! 

Check out FightNetwork’s article ’30 of the Best Must-Attend Global Festivalshere.