Photo exposition Wouter STruyf and jelle mul in the foyer


Wouter Struyf is perhaps better known from his Instagram @fooliage and as one of the driving forces behind Co11ectif magazine. Our Belgian friend can be considered a local 'Chris Burkard' as his portfolio extends beyond surf and includes travel, nature and lifestyle. Oh yeah, and let's not forget girls. Perhaps it's his studies in Environmental Biology that feeds his hunger for natural beauty. We'd like to thank him for his great eye and ability to capture this for all of us to enjoy.

Wouter will present a collection of some his best and latest work during the festival. And there will be some unique prints and copies of Co11ectif for sale, so please come over to say hi and have a look. Want more inspiration? Check out Wouter's work here:



When most people are still asleep, Jelle is outside taking pictures on the beach or just wandering around beautiful places in the world. It’s these quiet early hours he finds most attractive. No one around, just observing the light at this time. Nature at its most quiet pure form. You can see a reflection of this quietness in his work. Nothing really happens, but his pictures make you stop and wonder if that is really true.

Jelle will also be present with a collection of his latest work during the festival. Check out more of his latest work here: