Freezing / Rob Lockyear and Jeremy Joyce

23:10 - 23:30 / Kriterion K1


When two lifelong friends go in search of a wave in the frozen arctic, what could possibly go wrong?

Freezing is presumably the first cold water surf comedy. It's a journey to the icy fringes of cold water exploration, in search of a mythical wave, that pushes friendships, frontiers and fortitude to their very limits. 

When asked about the inspiration to make the film, Jeremy is quick to response. "Surf films can be really serious or painfully earnest. I think you have to be able to laugh at yourself if you want to make a funny surf film. Our films are definitely about what surfing is to us: being unfit, failing with girls, missing the waves by a day, turning up without your leash. Basically the opposite of a traditional surf movie. We just come up with characters and ideas based on what we see around us and what we find funny. We wanted to see what would happen if two regular guys go on a cold-water adventure. They are not experienced, they’ve no real idea what they’re doing. We are those guys."

Starring Jamie Baughan, Jeremy Joyce and the brothers Ulfur and Stefan Solvi Peturson.

Directed by Rob Lockyear and Jeremy Joyce. 

Running time: 22 minutes.