Girl go big!! / Theresa strack

19:00 - 19:10 / Kriterion K1


Women surfing is exploding globally, yet the media is paying little attention to underground female rippers. We’re honoured to start the festival with the award-winning short film "Girl Go Big!!" by Theresa Strack. 

"Girl Go Big!!" tells the epic story of Swiss surfer Alena Ehrenbold. While living in a landlocked country, she turns to the biggest challenge of her life: to ride the biggest waves in Europe. Together with her mentor, Basque big wave legend Ibon Amatriain, she journeys into a life changing experience at big wave spot 'Roca Puta'.

Starring Alena Ehrenbold and Ibon Amatriain. 

Directed and produced by Theresa Strack.

Running time: 10 minutes.