16:00 - 18:00

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No pros, no charter boats and no exotic reef passes. Instead, Jack Coleman’s independent surf film 'Groove Move' celebrates the pure heart and soul of surfing with a solid cast of unconventional and eccentric riders. Shot entirely in Super 8 film for a truly nostalgic cinematic adventure, you’re in store for visual tasty treats and mind bending surfing feats.

Locations: Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Mexico and California.  

Cast: Ari Browne, Justin Adams, Rangi Ormond, Derek Hynd, David Rastovich, Alex Knost, Joel Tudor, Robin Kegel, Rob Machado, Ryan Burch, Ozzie Wright, Jared Mell, Creed Mctaggart, Gavin Beschen, Harry Henderson, Julian Abbott and Ford Archbold. 

Total running time: 35 min.