nix nic nooley

23:00 - 23:40 / LOCATION: K1


The year is 2879 and everyone from the world as we know it in 2015 is dead. Dead. The ocean has dried up and the only way to go surfing is by time travel. And then Creed McTaggart and Duncan McNicol appear on screen playing two of the only futuristic people still interested in surfing, complete with surfboards and sunglasses made of tin-foil, because everything futuristic is of course made of tin-foil. 

Should we surf time-travel?” Creed’s character asks.“Yeah! I’m pretty keen to surf time-travel,” replies Duncan’s character.

And away we go into Nix Nic Nooley, a lighthearted comedy with surfing at its core by young director Toby Cregan. The surfing of Creed McTaggart, Duncan McNicol, Ellis Ericson, Thom Pringle, Noa Deane, Jay Davies and Dion Agius lifts this self-funded production beyond legitimate and gives the modern day era a film worthy of becoming a cult classic. 

Running time: 40 minutes.