Surfers' Blood / Patrick Trefz

20:30 - 21:30 / Kriterion K1

Surfers’ Blood

Renowned surf photographer and filmmaker Patrick Trefz explores the essence of the sport he loves by profiling those who inspire him. 

"Surfers' Blood" tells the universal story of true individuals that share deep bloodlines connected to the sea. From the old world fishing history of the rugged Basque Coast via oar and surfboard shaper Patxi Oliden, to the modern metropolis of San Francisco and the eccentric computer shapes of ex-Apple designer Thomas Meyerhoffer. A Sonoma Valley Art Museum that exhibits hydrodynamic surfboards via avant-garde curator Richard Kenvin, to three time Mavericks big wave champ Darryl 'Flea' Virostko's struggle to overcome an almost fatal meth addiction and the bittersweet loss that came with it. Surfer's Blood runs deep. 

Starring Kepa Acero, Aritz Aranburu, Josh Mulcoy, Patxi Oliden, Thomas Meyerhoffer, Richard Kenvin, Darryl 'Flea' Virostko and many more.

Directed by Patrick Trefz.

Running time: 56 minutes.