the zone / jack coleman

20:10 - 20:50 / Kriterion K1

The Zone is so fresh, there's no official trailer yet. 

the zone (European premiere)

Jack Coleman captures the essence of post-modern surfing at its finest and spends his life uncovering surfers, music and aspects of wave riding that can't be found elsewhere. 

His latest film, The Zone, welcomes you to an alternate dimension, one where creativity and imagination are boundless. Where surfers interlace with their environment to create and express themselves in a place called ‘The Zone’. 

The Zone is a sacred slice of space time that very few people get to experience. It’s the synchronization of the speed of the wave and the speed of the rider, achieved by placing one’s self in the power source of a particular wave form. Simple, pure, with beautiful waves and mind numbing flow, The Zone takes you deep into a journey of pure surfing. 

Starring Rangi Ormond, Ari Browne, Derrick Disney, Dereck Hynd, Rob Machado, Ryan Burch, Justin Adams, Alex Knost, Julian Abbott, Bryce Young and Robin Kegal.

Directed by Jack Coleman.

Running time: 35 minutes