Trimcraft Surfboards

Furthering the tradition and existence of production hand shaped surfboards.

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Designs by Lopez, Lovelace & Pavel

Shaped by Alex Lopez | Joseph Yee | Michael Arenal | John Oppito | Josiah Morris | Davey Smith

Formed in 2016, Trimcraft is a collaborative family of shapers with the goal of furthering the tradition of hand-shaping surfboards. We believe that a thoughtful and hands-on approach to surfboard building is the best way to create both a magic board and a truly connected experience in the ocean.

Trimcraft’s goal is to offer high quality hand shaped surfboards designed by masters, and built by the next generation. Producing hand shaped surfboards and sharing the experience gained is something that we feel is a sacred path. We want to share that with future generations of both surfers and shapers alike. Today we find ourselves in an industry where the vision, craft, and lifestyle is sold, but rarely supported by real hand shaped surfboards. We are the only brand focused on 100% hand shaped surfboard production in the modern age, and we are excited to keep alive the flame that has brought us so much fulfilment and joy!

Each Trimcraft model was designed by our lead shapers, then shared and taught to the team based in California, New Jersey and Oregon. Some models are new designs created for Trimcraft, and some are replicas of old magic boards. The stories that connect all of our shapers and models are long and winding, and even more exciting, continually unfolding.

For prices and ordering details, please send an email to or call us at +31 6 2232 1865.


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A versatile down-railed egg based on Ryan Lovelace’s magical mid-length, the v.Bowls. The re.Bowls was designed to surf a variety of waves the v.Bowls is often put away for: the average, shifty, mushy, knee to head high surf — better for forward trim and making flat sections than its rounder counterpart, the re.Bowls offers an accessibility to that effortless single fin glide with a kinder learning curve.

“If I had to sum in up, I would say the re.Bowls is going to be a better board for all around "eggy" surfing - its slightly more conventional and lends itself well to a really wide audience of surfers. Its narrow round nose, wide point centred, narrow round tail gives a more neutral handling and responds better to mistakes for beginners/intermediates. Good speed on flat waves, super fast trim, quick rail to rail transitions and a more forgiving ride is why it’s now developing its own cult following.” - Ryan Lovelace

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Haley Pin

The best way to mentally approach this mid length is to take a classic double-ender mini glider vibe, then send it into hyperdrive with an extremely technical triplane bottom shape – to be specific, a vee under the nose – into double concave, spiral vee, then that signature flat spot just behind the fin – all packed between those trippy flat chines that break the water flow for quick planing and even quicker transitions onto rail. So all that is to say, extremely versatile in small and average surf, will cheater-5 til the end of the world, with an exceptionally positive response off the back foot. Based on the Ryan Lovelace Thick Lizzy – these things are quickly becoming quiver staples all over the world. 

“No wonder the Haley Pin has been s’dang popular lately... The differences are subtle compared to the Thick Lizzy, which is the basis of the Haley Pin. A slightly wider tail and overall a little thicker than for a little more forgiving vibe and more glide control in sloppy and flat faced waves.” - Ryan Lovelace

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Rich Fish

This little puppy is based on the tradition of the classic Keel Fish championed by Rich Pavel for decades. When people say there is something different about Rich’s boards, they aren’t lying — the sheer amount of hidden curves and refined touches that are packed into one surfboard is nothing short of magic. Extreme down the line speed on less than impressive waves is the staple of the classic Keel Fish, but hold on to your shorts when that epic day comes, these Rich Fishes are more capable in real surf than you’d ever imagine.

“Perfect for tasteful shredding. Retro keel fish outline, boxy rail foil and beak nose for efficient volume maximization. Light single to double concave and low rocker profile. A classic fish design for making playful days out of softer surf. Don't be afraid to get this in some juice for some exciting shredding and creatively loose lines.” - Rich Pavel

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Think high-volume quad fish in the front two thirds, with a pulled-in round tail. A proven Lovelace classic originally designed for Trevor Gordon. Very flat rocker, flat deck with down rails and a vee to double, into single afterburner concave bottom. Tons of skate off the middle & enough curve to hold that power through turns. These sleds like chunky beach breaks and bowly reefs, even though they cut their teeth on small point surf. In other words, enjoy all over!

“The t.Rev's eponymous origin story begins with Santa Barbara surfer Trevor Gordon, who'd made a very cryptic request: he wanted something around 5'3 that was super rootsy. I was like “What the hell does that mean?".

Coming off an infatuation with the famous Pavel quad-fish design, the Speed Dialer, I cribbed a few fish-inspired design elements and adapted a more high performance tail-shape to the t.Rev. I wanted it to paddle well, but surf really round, where you can still execute arcing, continuous carves. As a shaper, I don't ever want to design something that's not meant to f–king shred. The t.Rev is quote-unquote alternative, but high-performance oriented." - Ryan Lovelace

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Symmetrical Snake

With more surface area forward and a slightly higher volume than a regular shortboard, the Symmetrical Snake is a high-lift, low drag vehicle. A single concave running all the way from the nose all the way through the tail and a modern shortboard rail line and rocker make the Symmetrical Snake far more appropriate board for average-to-good days than the standard chip. Shaped with either squash (for quick pumps and beachbreaks), round (for bowly reefs, points and heavy carving) or swallow tails (for skate and flow in all conditions).

“What’s with the SymSnake? Developed as a symmetrical version of the SooperSnake, the Sym gets it insane paddle speed and early entry from a long single concave running all the way up through the nose. This lowers the board’s center-line rocker and lets it cut through the water with less ‘pushing’ like most shortboards. You can ride it 2” or so shorter than your average shortboard and still feel massive gains in buoyancy, paddle speed and positivity on a critical drop - aaaaaall due to that funky single concave and nose template.” - Ryan Lovelace

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Lopez Single

An extremely clean 70’s era outline style that screams classic. Repeat, classic. This may look like one you’ve seen before, but beware of assumptions — the Lopez tradition is mired in clean, subtle curves and beautifully tucked edges. More rocker than the original old school singles with an updated rail shape, but fully in-step with that classic 70’s flow. Impossible to go wrong!

“It’s all about feeling. The Lopez Single teaches you to adapt to whatever the wave throws at you. It has a stable feel when trimming down the line and its hold is incredible.” - Alex Lopez

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High performance shortboard with a fishy feel. Intended for moderate to advanced surfers and good waves, this performance twin has proven itself as one of the best designs for throaty reef and beach breaks. It has also spent years in the barrel under the feet of the likes of Trevor Gordon and Sam Hammer on both the east and west coasts of the USA.

“High performance twin fin, shortboard foil. Produces smooth drive for surfing throaty point, reef and beach breaks and making continuous arcs.” - Ryan Lovelace

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A shortboard for those of us who don’t ‘shortboard’. An extremely versatile board for travel and daily driver use – the Burner has found loving homes under the feet of slop-surfing weekend warriors and globe-trotting barrel hunters alike. A slightly forward wide-point gives you tons of flow and glide, but the modernised rocker curve and foil produce a positive, responsive and forgiving experience. Designed by Ryan Lovelace, this is one of the most popular boards in our line around the world.

“This model started as a more 'surfable' alternative to my ToobShooter model. Shaped for a handful of friends going on surf trips where they didn’t want shortboards, but their average alternative boards (fishes and mid-lengths) we're going to be a bit too much to handle (think from Maldives, Indonesia and shifty to average beachbreaks).  It features a more modern foil than the ToobShooter, a nice and relaxed rocker that is continuous through the tail, allowing it much better versatility in all kinds of waves, and more turnability than it's point-and-shoot counterpart. The Burner, I would consider my best all-around surfboard. 

Usually set up as a 2+1 or quad, it works great as a bonzer, singlefin and even surprisingly, a twin keel, depending on your preference. On the small end, Burners work great from 5'8 to 6'3 as a pocket-happy little shredder that really likes round turns. The 6'4 - 6'8 range is where this board was created and seems most versatile for travel and average to advanced surfers.” - Ryan Lovelace  

Sidecut Keel

Think classic keel paddle, with a more seamless transition onto rail. Lots of projection and glide as you’d expect from a fishy outline. The subtle acceleration of the outline curve reduces the surface area under your back foot and modernises the feel compared to a classic fish. More ability to square-up off the bottom and a more seamless on-rail transitions as well as easier to surf on your backhand.

“The slight acceleration in the outline that gives the Sidecut Fish its name essentially reduces the width of the board between your feet, allowing it to get onto rail much faster than a classic outline Keel Fish. They tend to be more effortless and cleaner rail to rail, with a more intuitive ride in my experience.

I like to size these just like your classic Keel fish, if not a tad bit longer and narrower. For advanced surfers, I'll push you to go small and thin; for moderate surfers I'll size it just like a normal fish (but narrower given the sidecut). And for beginners that want to play with these things, I'd say we go into the longer range, where thanks to the design, you won't be lacking much looseness rail-to-rail.

I've got a 6'7 that feels like a 5'8 and I'm always excited watching people try it for the first time - it has re-defined what I thought a board that size could do.” - Ryan Lovelace