workshop hug your shaper

15:30 - 17:00 / ENTRESOL AND FOYER

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Workshop Hug Your Shaper

Ever wondered why riding a single fin feels so good? What the ecological impact of your surfboard is and why you should matter? Are asymmetric surfboards the future of surfboard design?

Meet three very different shapers. Find out what makes them tick and get a better understanding of which design elements can play an essential role in creating your next dream board.

Meet the Shapers

Julian Yoshi van Vliet is head shaper at JY Surf, the Netherland’s top independent shaping bay. From Scheveningen to Ericeira, Julian is on a mission to build the ultimate sustainable surf sled. 

Known for his sleek single fin surfboards, Chiel Dekker is a backyard shaper for the past 10 years. Exploring his love affaire with this ageless design, Chiel might get you hooked as well.

Milan Bijl is an up and coming shaper that doesn’t settle for anything conventional. His experimental designs from asymmetric boards to duo single fins have sparked quiet a following in a short time.

After the workshop, you can meet the shapers, discuss their designs personally and feel free to get super stoked on their sacred crafts!

*Admittance to all workshops are included in the ticket price.